Censorship Is Murder

When you censor something, or ban it or anything of that nature, you are basically killing it. Killing it off to a portion of the world that can no longer have access to that. What about books? How the hell can you ban books when anyone can go to a bookstore and buy them. Sure you can remove them from school libraries, take them away from your kids, remove THEIR right to FREEDOM to read whatever the hell they want to.

I'm so pissed right now, it's not the first time I've seen this list, but how fucking close-minded to people have to be to challenge books that teach REAL lessons, show teenagers what life can be like. Because it doesn't go with their religion, because it's too controversial and they don't want their son or daughter reading it. Yeah, you might as well lock them up in a holding cell for the rest of their lives if you think you can protect them from everything in the world. How many of these people do you think allow their children to use the internet? I bet you most do. And how much do you want to bet that they could EASILY find any of the information portrayed in these books with a couple clicks of their effing mouses. It's just so frustrating.

Like, how could anyone say that To Kill A Mockingbird shouldn't be read by kids. Sure, some may say it's boring or stupid, but it TEACHES A LESSON! It shows you that you shouldn't always judge on your first opinions, and it's my favorite book of all time. It's so beautifully written, I don't see how anyone could possibly not see the true beauty in the story unless their looking for a reason to hate the book. And Go Ask Alice, that diary is AMAZING. It's freaky and it talks about drugs, and it talks about some crazy stuff, but it can help teens make a better decision on whether they want to do drugs or not. It will probably scare most of them to never trying drugs or never doing drugs again.

There are so many amazing books getting challenged by those who don't understand literature, they WANT to look like good parents that are looking out for their children. All they are really doing is being overprotective and truly depriving them of useful information and amazing reads. Get over it parents, nobody is buying your bull about any of these books. Well, no sane person who enjoys reading for what it's supposed to be, fun and meaningful. No picking reasons to hate a book and get it banned.

My gosh, I typed this at 1:30 and I am exhausted. Sorry if none of this makes sense.


I haven't posted in here in a while. I'm horrible with signing up for some things and then forgetting, I can never hang on to drawn-out competitions, and I'm just not an organized person haha. I'll try and post more, maybe post some other icons I've made. My internet is down right now though on my normal computer, not sure why but working on fixing it.

I got nominated at 100 pixel awards for my Lost icon that I made for the icons100 challenge.

Sick Again

I think I'm sick again...that's about all. I started out the day ok, feeling a little strange. By the end of the day I was weak and I'm coughing a bit. I hate the end of the year, it gives me stress and stress gives me colds. Anyways, hopefully this will go away soon or something, it really sucks.

My face is also having a meltdown, completely blemishing in response to all this stress. It sucks pretty bad, but what can you do. Just let it run its course and hopefully it'll be gone.
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